Gabriele Baldi was born in Livorno, Italy on 22 April 1982. At the age of six, he started to play the piano, and since then, the music has been constantly part of his life. His first DJ experience was in 2009, in one of the best private dance party of centre Italy.  He dedicated most part of the time to the studio for the music research and he recorded techno and house tracks.
Currently is considered a young talented Italian in the European Music scene. He grew up listening to different music styles from old vinyl and cassettes of the family’s collection. In the 80’s he listened a lot different kind of music from rock to blues and from soul to funk. His eclectic musical background provided him with the foundations for his productions now heavily influenced by Deep, House and Acid-Funk sounds.
Drawing inspiration from fellow Chilean Ricardo Villalobos and other underground DJs, his music productions have had great success in Italy and other countries all over the World, where he got very positive feedback from DJs such as Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Luciano, and many more.
In September 2009, his first Ep “She Comes Back”, on Amsterdam’s hot label Bitten, powered by 2000 and One and Sandy Huner, was placed in the bags of the most important DJs of the worldwide techno scene. After that, he continued to prove his talent in each released Ep, played by top DJs and caused havoc on the dancefloors.